Sylvester in Budapest

[singlepic id=73 w=300 h=230 float=right]Happy New Year everybody!

The New Year’s Eve Activity Week was a real multi cultural event which took place in Budapest between 30th December 2010 and 2nd January 2011. I say multi cultural event because the participants represent practically all ESTIEM Local Groups from Europe. 3 months ago I started to be an ESTIEMer and this event was my first ESTIEM experience. At the beginning I was a bit worried about how would it be to meet people from different countries with more or less similar culture and traditions. Just a few minutes after my arrival, this fear disappeared completely because all ESTIEMers were so nice.

The event started officially on Thursday 30th December 2010 with an opening presentation. The night continued with a party at a very popular club in Budapest. In the following days we did together lot of interesting and funny activities, such as city rally, pub tour, wine pong, SPArty and learning to dance a kind of a Hungarian dance. The most interesting activity was the SPArty, after the great New Year’s Eve party, the series continued with an amazing SPArty, where DJs, music and all the visual spectacles made an unique atmosphere at the Rudas Baths. Everyone was wearing swimsuits, it felt like summer, and people wanted to party. The idea of the event was to take people out of reality. It was a profoundly relaxing therapy combined with a lot of fun.

On Monday, we went to the office of Local Group Budapest and by the lunch time everything was finished and ready. After our last lunch together we kissed each other, said goodbye and the New Year’s Eve Activity Week was over after five days full of fun.

The best think about ESTIEM activities is that the people from different background and culture learn about another culture.

Many thanks to the organisers for taking so good care of us. I am really happy that I have met all these people and I know that I will see them again somewhere in Europe.

Happy new year,
Claudia Gug, LG Karlsruhe