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ReCom Paderborn
What is a North-West?
The North-West Region unites nine Local Groups from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with the same passion for beer: Aachen, Brussels, Delft, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Groningen, Liège, Paderborn and Siegen. As this is a regional event, applicants from these LGs will get prioritized.We also aim to have as many LGs present as possible. What is a ReCoM?
The Regional Coordination Meeting is the biggest regional event in ESTIEM. Actives from all Local Groups of a region gather to work on topics like regional collaboration but also to celebrate regional spirit and have a good time!
What is a BTE?
A Board Training Event is aimed at all local boardies of a region. Sessions are held that can give valuable input on how to manage a Local Group.
What is a Paderborn?
Paderborn is situated in eastern North-Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The city name derives from the river Pader, which originates from more than 200 springs near Paderborn Cathedral. Paderborn was first mentioned in 777 AD when Charles the Great built a castle near the Pader springs. The current population is more than 150.000 in an area of roughly 180 km². During World War II most of the city was destroyed and then reconstructed. The technology sector plays a very important role in the city. Big companies such as Benteler, Claas and Diebold Nixdorf are especially looking for engineering and IT students.

LG Paderborn is one of the oldest Estiem groups, founded in 1991. Our board consists of seven people, each with its own responsibility. We are part of local IEM student group HG-Wing with over 650 members. The HG-Wing organizes, similar to Estiem, various events during the year like company visits, workshops, but also fun activities like brewery visits, trips to other cities, sport events and of course the legendary HG-Wing parties.


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