29. November 2023 - 16:30

Blockchain Workshop
A new workshop is here!!

In cooperation with the student initiative „Aachen Blockchain Club e.V.“, we are organizing the workshop „Metaverse – our economy in the future?“ with the consultancy „Roover Metaverse Consulting“. There, we will learn about the metaverse itself and also find out how companies can be active in business and economic terms and, above all, how they can benefit greatly from it. We also learn how digital technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality etc. relate to the metaverse. We will also gain an insight into how such technologies can be used in engineering.

We will then experience the targeted application of such technologies in the metaverse through a brainstorming session. In addition, a case study will be used to develop a strategy for a company that wants to enter the metaverse

When: 29.11.23 at 4:30 pm
Where: WiÜ Room, Templergraben 64
52056 Aachen

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VWI Team
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